Eligibility Criteria for Submitting Your Shopping/Fashion Guest Post to Newsporium.org

Thank you for your interest in contributing to newsporium.org

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions from our guest bloggers:

What Topics Are Preferred?

We enthusiastically welcome articles related to fashion, shopping, product design, bags, apparel, accessories E book Writing, Essay Writing Etc.

Should I Share Topic Ideas Before Writing?

Absolutely! Feel free to share your ideas by emailing us at newsporium.org@gmail.com. (Please note that we will publish your post only if it’s relevant and engaging for our readers.) We also consider fully drafted pieces.

How Will I Know if My Post Gets Published?

Kindly allow up to two weeks for our managing editor to review your pitch thoroughly.

Accepted Formats:

We accept Google documents and Word documents.

Length of Content for Shopping or Fashion Guest Posts:

While there’s no strict maximum limit, we recommend submitting articles with a minimum length of 1000 words.

Should I Include Images and Videos?

Yes, we require a minimum of 3 to 4 images to be included in each blog post, along with one video if available.

We eagerly anticipate your contributions!

Are you ready to pitch your idea or submit your post? Before you do, please review the following checklist:

  • Ensure your name, website, email, and social media handles are added to the top of your post.
  • Include your bio beneath your post (preferably in HTML if possible).
  • Add at least two links within your post to other articles on SEO Shouts, using relevant keyword anchors.
  • Convert your post into an editable Google Doc. Google Docs is preferred due to compatibility; if your content is initially in Word, please copy and paste it into Google Docs before submission.

If you’ve completed these steps, you’re all set to submit your contribution!

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